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Styling Tips for Triangle-Shaped Women

Triangle-shaped women have a body type that is characterized by narrower shoulders and bust than hips and thighs. They usually have a well-defined waist and a curvy lower body. Triangle-shaped women are also known as pear-shaped women, as they resemble the shape of this fruit. Triangle-shaped women are often considered feminine and attractive, as they have a natural hourglass potential. However, they may also face some challenges when it comes to dressing their body type, such as finding clothes that fit their hips and waist properly, balancing their proportions, and highlighting their best features. In this article, we will share with you some tips and tricks on how to style your triangle-shaped body and give you some outfit ideas.

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How to Dress Your Triangle-Shaped Body?

Before we dive into the outfit ideas, let’s go over some basic guidelines on how to dress your triangle-shaped body:

  • Emphasize your upper body. Since your lower body is already prominent, you want to draw attention to your upper body and create more balance. You can do this by wearing tops that have bright colors, prints, details, or embellishments. You can also wear tops that have wide necklines, such as boat necks, V-necks, or off-the-shoulder styles. These will help broaden your shoulders and enhance your bust.

  • Define your waist. You have a natural waistline that is one of your best assets. You want to show it off and create an hourglass silhouette. You can do this by wearing tops that are fitted or tucked in at the waist. You can also wear belts, sashes, or ties around your waist. These will help cinch your waist and accentuate your curves.

  • Flatter your lower body. You have a curvy lower body that is another one of your best assets. You want to flatter it and not hide it or make it look bigger. You can do this by wearing bottoms that have dark colors, solid colors, or vertical stripes. You can also wear bottoms that have a straight or slightly flared leg, such as bootcut jeans, A-line skirts, or wide-leg pants. These will help skim over your hips and thighs and elongate your legs.

  • Choose the right shoes and accessories. To complete your look, you want to choose shoes and accessories that match the vibe of your outfit and enhance your features. You can wear shoes that have heels, platforms, or wedges. These will help lift your posture and lengthen your legs. You can also wear shoes that have pointed toes or straps around the ankles. These will help draw attention to your feet and away from your hips. You can wear accessories that have sparkle, shine, or color. These will help add interest and contrast to your upper body. You can also wear accessories that have long or dangling shapes, such as necklaces, earrings, or scarves. These will help create vertical lines and slim down your lower body.

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Outfit Ideas for Triangle-Shaped Women

Now that you know how to dress your triangle-shaped body, let’s take a look at some outfit ideas for different occasions:

  • For a work look: You can wear a solid-colored wrap dress with a V-neck and a belt around the waist with pumps and a blazer. This will create a smart and sophisticated look that defines your waist and balances your proportions.

  • For a party look: You can wear an off-the-shoulder top with sequins or lace with a black A-line skirt and strappy heels. This will create a glamorous and sexy look that enhances your bust and skims over your hips.


Triangle-shaped women have a beautiful and feminine body type that can be styled in many ways. By following these tips on how to dress your triangle-shaped body, you can find clothes that fit you well, balance your proportions, and highlight your best features. Remember to have fun and experiment with different colors, prints, details, and shapes!

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